Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to find Oracle EBS Weblogic Server Admin Port Number and URL

Web Logic Server Admin Port 

 Method 1:

Open the EBS domain config file in following location.

Then check for Admin Server Port.

Method 2:

Open the application tier context file

Then check the value of variable "s_wls_adminport" in the for the correct Web Logic Server Admin port number

Web Logic Server Console URL

http://<server name>. <domain name> : < WLS Admin Port>/console
For example.

Steps to Change Oracle Weblogic Server Node Manager & Administration User Password

The option to set the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User password to a
non-default value is available during Oracle E-Business Suite installation. This section
describes the procedure to use (on the run file system) if you need to change the
password at a later time.

The EBS WebLogic Domain uses Node Manager to control the Administration Server
and the managed servers. For the EBS WebLogic Domain, the Node Manager and
WebLogic Server Administration User passwords must be same, otherwise the AD
control scripts will not work properly.


If you need to change the Administration User password, you must change the Node Manager password first, If you do not do this, the WebLogic Server configuration change will not be detected and the next online patching cycle may fail.

The instructions that follow should be performed on the run file system. The password

change will be automatically propagated to the patch file system during the next adop

prepare phase or fs_clone operation.

1.Shut down all application tier services except the Admin Server.

On the primary node, run the command:
$ <ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME>/ -skipNM -skipAdmin

2. Change the Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager and Administration User passwords by performing the following steps on weblogic console

Changing the Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager Password

-Login to weblogic to server console: 


- Login using the current weblogic admin username and  password.

- Click on the lock and edit button

- Click on Domain link
- Click on Security TAB

- Click on "Advanced" Tab
- Provide the new node manager  password which you want to configure for weblogic admin user

- Click on "save"


- Verify settings updated successfully and then click on "Activate changes"

- Verify all changes has been activated successfully.

Changing the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User Password

- Click on "Security Realms"
- Click on "myrealm"

-  select "users and groups" and select weblogic User: